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Our Businesses

Our businesses include Property development, Advisory Services and Facility Management.
We are passionate about the built environment and our primary goal is the development of decent properties at affordable prices.

Our focus is to conceptualise, design, acquire and develop multi unit residential, commercial, retail and mixed use developments that create value for the end user on price, convenience and access. Our projects are designed to increase home ownership whilst creating significant value appreciation over time.

We design unique development processes to achieve the goals of each project. This involves the pursuit of a partnership framework that protects all partners and ensures that every invested party succeeds with the project.

We also offer bespoke advisory and project management services for clients within the built environment space. These include residential, commercial, retail and mixed use development projects, policy options within the built environment and best use analysis for current and planned property projects.

Our attention to facilities management is guided strictly by the desire to preserve value for our buyers through the efficient management of shared facilities including power, water, security, cleaning and other management issues. This guarantees our residents with peace of mind whilst protecting the value of our brand and buildings.